We’re excited to offer exciting Spaces to organize our thoughts, conversations, and work towards an internet that is open and inclusive. Given the racial justice uprisings, climate crisis, and political division that have swept the globe this year, it’s apparent that the role technology plays in perpetuating or solving these harms is up to us.

MozFest 2021 Spaces

The internet and Trustworthy AI is directly layered into these crises and their remedies. The AI that powers online platforms can help connect us during these crises — but it can also misinform us and polarize us. These Spaces at the Mozilla Festival provide a place for us to safely discuss and work towards positive solutions, together.

At Mozilla, we are committed to helping the world attain Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is demonstrably worthy of trust. Privacy, transparency, human well-being and mechanisms for accountability are all needed at the core of AI products and processes in order to realize Trustworthy AI.