Our Community

The people of MozFest are what make the festival a gathering that defies the definition of a traditional event. For every hands-on session or main stage speaker, there are a dozen hallway conversations and quick side-projects taking place that will transform the work and relationships of the upcoming year.

I love how welcoming Mozfest is to children and families! It's the only gathering I know where playfulness and openness is hardcoded into the design of the event to this extent. It makes me want to come back and bring my family and friends to explore.

A MozFest Participant

A speaker on stage at MisInfoCon, an event held as part of MisInfoCon held at MozFest House

Every year, we invite various organisations, partners and allies who are working in the internet health movement to join together in hosting mini-events at MozFest. In the past, we’ve hosted the BBC, Creative Commons, and Firefox.

An artist, sitting with one of their art pieces, of various moral questions in the shape of a labyrinth on the floor.

MozFest harnesses the creative power of the web — from maker communities to web-native art — to fight for a healthy internet. We invite practitioners of art and cultural heritage from around the world to explore how creativity can shape technology for global good.

The Internet Health Movement

Everyone who engages with the MozFest community experiences something memorable and impactful: new collaborations and ideas for implementation in their day-to-day work and friends for life. 

The global festival community is part of the internet health movement, an emergent group of internet users, academics, thought-leaders and activists who are standing and fighting for a safe and accessible internet for generations to come.

A MozFest Session taking place in the Youth Zone, where a facilitator is helping a participant
The Youth Zone at MozFest

Connect With the MozFest Community

The MozFest community doesn’t wait until festival weekend to connect and collaborate. There are many ways to participate any time of the year:

  • Join us on Slack to connect with past and present Wranglers, Facilitators, Volunteers, Production Staff, and participants just like you.
  • Sign up for the festival newsletter to hear about opportunities around the community and at Mozilla where you can get involved.

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