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About Mozilla

We exist to protect the internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mozilla is the maker of Firefox, the open-source browser that more than 300 million people rely on for a safer, saner online life. But a healthy internet requires more than great products. So Mozilla also supports individual and collective actions that advance a more human-centered internet’ or ‘bolster people and bold ideas through our fellowships and awards. We publish critical research in our Internet Health Report. We run global advocacy campaigns around issues like trustworthy AI and online privacy. And we connect open internet leaders at events like MozFest.

About Mozilla Festival (MozFest)

Celebrating its first year in Amsterdam, MozFest is the world’s leading event for the internet health movement. The week-long festival showcases world-changing ideas and technology through workshops, talks, and interactive sessions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MozFest will be mostly virtual in 2021. In previous years, we have welcomed over 3,000 in-person attendees and we expect an even larger audience to engage with us virtually. Past featured speakers include individuals like Zeynep Tufekci, Julia Angwin, Audrey Tang, and Brian Behlendorf, who are leading their respective fields and changing the way we interact with the world. Watch main-stage talks from MozFest 2019, or browse the MozFest blog.

The festival is known for its community feel, the diverse audience it attracts and covering a huge range of topics often eschewed by more ‘pure tech’ conferences.

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Why Sponsor MozFest

MozFest is a unique opportunity to partner with Mozilla, show your commitment to a healthy internet, and connect with thousands of like-minded thinkers. If you believe in a saner, more private, and human-centered digital experience online, there is no better place to spotlight those values than MozFest. Covered by NPR, WIRED UK, The Guardian, and other top publications, MozFest provides ample opportunities for brand exposure. As we celebrate our inaugural year in Amsterdam, sponsors have the chance to interact with the people, projects, and code that will shape the internet in years to come. While our first year in Amsterdam will primarily be virtual, we will be laying the groundwork for a robust in-person festival for the following years.

MozFest is good at both leading the conversation into the broader interdisciplinary field (e.g. education, journalism, science) and illuminating technology practices and their implementation.

MozFest Attendee


A performer on stage at MozFest 2018


Two participants playing with a science jenga installation, where the tower is collapsing


A workshop at Mozilla Festival where a participant is building a model from small pieces.

MozFest and Mozilla by the Numbers

Stats and figures about MozFest and Mozilla

3,000+ participants from 82 countries | 451 presenters, speakers, and facilitators across seven days and two venues | 300+ hands-on sessions and workshops | 450,000 followers on social media | 70,000 social media engagements each month | 2,300,000 email subscribers | 78% of the main stage speakers were women in 2018 (Mozilla was awarded a Gender Avenger Gold Stamp) | 25,000 unique visitors to mozillafestival.org in the three months before MozFest | 1 week of events that brings amazing people together to protect the internet for all

Sponsorship Options

The following sponsorship benefits have been designed for a virtual festival, however, we do hope to return to an in-person festival in 2022 and 2023. With that in mind, we would be delighted to explore multi-year sponsorship opportunities that include a different benefits package for subsequent years.

Virtual Sponsor (€2,500)

Our Virtual Sponsors want to show their support for MozFest with a simplified benefits package. This is a perfect option for new sponsors looking to explore what MozFest is all about. Benefits include:

  • Logo on MozFest website
  • Social media promotion
  • Inclusion in sponsor thank-you email series
Community Sponsor (€7,500)

Our Community Sponsors want to help support events meant to connect the local Dutch community to our global network. This is a perfect option for those looking to make a more local impact. Includes all Virtual Sponsor benefits, plus options like:

  • Hosting a virtual social at MozFest
  • Increasing guest access with sponsored hardware like wifi boosters or cameras
  • Enhancing the volunteer experience with sponsored training and tools
  • Sponsoring a community event like one of our hackathons or lecture series
  • Sponsoring a virtual or in-person art exhibit
Premier Sponsors (€10,000 - €50,000)

Our Champion, Guardian, and Presenting sponsor levels are designed for those looking for the full MozFest experience with robust opportunities for engagement. These options are perfect for sponsors who want to contribute to the content of the festival while showcasing their commitment to a healthy internet and trustworthy AI. Please see the matrix below for a full list of benefits.

A person drawing on a graffiti wall
A speaker on stage at Mozilla Festival 2018
A person using a virtual reality headset
A MozFest training session

Premier Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

MozFest Sponsorship Benefits Matrix

Please contact Jesse Ward at jessew@mozillafoundation.org for more information about MozFest sponsorships.